Hello there,

My name’s Jeff – I’m the Founder of Prosperus Advice. I originally started writing this page in third person. It was very professional, very serious and kind of clinical. Which works for some companies. But not ours.

Prosperus Advice is professional, but not clinical. We are warm, approachable and personal. That’s the way we have always done things since our inception in 2013.

In fact, the only significant thing that has changed since we began is scale – our small network of clients has grown significantly through word of mouth.

We’ve grown from a one-man operation to a thriving team of six. Together we now service individuals, couples and families all throughout Australia.

We value:

  • Comprehensive, personalised advice
  • Real, genuine conversations that allow us to understand your goals
  • Language that ensures you understand what’s going on (minimal jargon)
  • Results, results, results

I’m proud of what we’ve created here at Prosperus Advice, sure. But I’m more amazed and humbled by the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way. It’s true what they say – everyone has a story. And I’ve heard some great ones.

We might not have met yet. But I look forward to it. I look forward to hearing your story, and maybe even becoming a part of it.
On the same token, if you decide the Prosperus Advice team isn’t the right fit for your needs, that’s fine too.

And I wish you all the best in your journey ahead.


Jeff Harris

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